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First ever pan-EU Index of pancreatic cancer care in Europe shows major differences in survival

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 21, 2014 14:11 CET

Pancreatic cancer has a deserved reputation as a ‘silent killer’. It is the third largest cause of cancer deaths in the EU; most people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer patients will die within the first year of diagnosis. Five years after initial diagnosis, the average survival rate is only 6%. More than 100,000 people in Europe currently live with a diagnosis of the disease. 
Despite the burden posed by the disease, most countries have no best practice for treatment. Differences in national survival rates between the best and worst-performing countries exceed 100%. In fact, four out of five countries have no outcomes data. This undermines efficacy, leaving thousands of patients to die without adequate treatment.  
To investigate the opportunities for improving pancreatic cancer outcomes, the Health Consumer Powerhouse is developing the EPCI, the first ever assessment and comparison the standard and treatment and care given to pancreatic cancer across 35 countries. 
The Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index 2014 (EPCI), launching on 18 March 2014 at 10:00 am CET will highlight the differences between EU countries and examine:
• The countries that have the highest national survival rates• Why there is little or no support for pancreatic cancer patients• Why there is so little monitoring of progress of pancreatic cancer care• How disease management can be improved
One remarkable finding from the EPCI is the differences in national survival rates between the best and worst-performing countries are more than 100%. 
On March 18, you will receive a press release and link to the full Index. At 10:00 am CET you can follow a live webcast of the EPCI findings at Health Consumer Powerhouse.