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78% of all capital projects miss budget and deadlines with as much as one third of the original estimate. A major reason for this, is handling of critical activities using email, FTP and spreadsheets with little or no control and traceability.

78% of all capital projects miss budget and deadlines with as much as one third of the original estimate. A major reason for this, is handling of critical activities using email, FTP and spreadsheets with little or no control and traceability.  


100,000+ emails will be sent during the lifetime of acapital project. A significant number concern critical activities, sometimes involving hundreds of project members. Often time consuming and spanning over long time periods, having countless number of dependencies and critical deadlines. Further complicating, project members originate from different organizations and possibly time zones. Individual contracts dictate deliveries and cost for each organization. Not meeting agreed goals can result in penalties and often a conflict regarding who is to blame and why. Key resources use a substantial amount of time digging for evidence, instead of focusing on the next critical delivery.


Capital projects often involve hundreds of organizations, each having their own tools and routines for document handling, project management, etc. Spread over large distances and time zones, email provides easy usage and a quick start up with no technical or training barriers. However, as communication rapidly increases with the number of activities and project members, project control is lost and the email CHAOS is a fact.


Approximately 20% of a projects total cost relates to Interface Management. Meaning, increased control of activities and flow of documents and communication, Interface Management is a great place to start reducing risk and cost within capital projects.

The following table presents typical project needs and explaining how INTERAXO will help you take control.

Need Email INTERAXO Benefits of using INTERAXO
Providing all organizations and project members with up-to-date and relevant data. Very Hard Easy INTERAXO is a SaaS (Software as a Service), providing secure world wide access through the Internet. Data is updated instantly for all relevant parties.
Securing global implementation of Interface Management process. Very Hard Easy INTERAXO provides a best practice Implementation of the Interface Management process with configuration possibilities securing a common process for the project.
Efficient processing of interface requests. Hard Easy Utilizing metadata, views, filtering, notifications and graphical dashboard functionality INTERAXO secures instant updates and allows immediate action and reports making sure agreed deadlines are not missed.
Raising awareness to all participating parties regarding impact on related interfaces and deliveries. Impossible Easy Having a common place for handling interfaces and requests makes it easy. INTERAXO provides functionality for discussions with both interfacing parties and internal resources. In addition warnings related to time restraints assisting any responsible person to meet any deadlines.
Receiving and managing requests and associated documents. Very hard Easy As all participants are using the same system, sending and receiving requests is very simple and using roles to assign responsibility, you can assure that requests are not sent to the wrong address. Version tracking of documents make sure that the only the newest version is being used.
Up to date reports with relevant data Impossible Easy Set up your own report templates and create reports on the fly with current data. Base the reports on status, organization, discipline, due date, criticality and more limiting the data selection using filters. In addition, dashboard and widget functionality can be set-up by each individual user to fetch relevant changes and notifications in real time.
Accessing and tracing historic events. Impossible Easy All communication, documents and discussions are stored in an audit trail securing traceability for all relevant activities. Giving easy access to information regarding who did what and when.


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