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Blogginlägg   •   Aug 27, 2012 14:31 CEST

The Gabriella centre. A centre for physically and mentally challenged children. That´s Yolanda´s home for the next month. Located in the outskirts of Cape Town it´s a place in the midst of beautiful scenery and the centre itself can only be described in all the superlatives that exist. To give you an idea of what this “palace” looks like I have posted some pictures for you to be amazed by!

There couldn´t be a better place for Yolanda to try and recover and hopefully gain new energy to keep on fighting for her survival. Her stay here will mean she is no longer exposed to water leakage or penetration of the freezing wintery wind that Cape Town is experiencing at the moment. She will stay warm and will be under professional supervision 24/7. With 20 other children of various ages, of which 10 of them are residents and the other ten day care children, she will have many new friends always in her closeness. And on top of that, her mother will spend as much time as possible by her side.

Like everyone else who knows this lovable girl, I hope from the bottom of my heart that her stay here will do her good. And that when she will be leaving in a month once again is the smiling and glowing Yolanda that we know her as. I am already waiting eagerly for the first update we will get in the beginning of next week!

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