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Greenland 2012 HiLight Story – Rickard Berg

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 29, 2012 10:06 CEST

I borrowed a Hination Hilight to take with me for an expedition to Greenland in Kayak.

In Greenland during summer the sun is up all the time and it’s very often good and sunny weather because of the Inland ice, which pushes all the low pressures away.

We had a wonderful trip and the sun was really shining on us. In the beginning we didn’t really need the solar cell device, but after a week or so we used it for the first time. After recharging the HiLight from the Sun, I could charge my phone and soon we could charge more devices at the same time.

It was a very good help for us during our long expedition and we could charge our cameras and we got some really good pictures as well.

The less good thing was that the red and green light that was supposed to shine when you pressed the button you couldn’t really see it because the sun was shining so bright and it was very hard to find a place that was dark enough. So then you couldn’t really see if it needed to be recharged or not.

We had no use for the LED light but I tried it in a dark room in the beginning of the trip and I was really impressed of the strength and the brightness of the light.