Grow with Rotation Curation – Tips to get started!

Blogginlägg   •   Jan 19, 2016 16:21 CET

Many of us marketers continuously struggle to keep the right tonality, maintaining a tight and tailored message and at the same aspire to be as relevant and inspiring as possible. Others do the complete opposite. 

There are companies, and even cities and nations, that let go of the control and allow different people to be in the center instead of brand approved "by-the-book" marketing. 

The concept "Rotation Curation" originates from the concept that you continuously change the person who's in charge for the social media account. An early successful example include the swedish tourist board VisitSweden when the twitter handle @sweden was passed on to a new swede every week. 

These days, rotation curation is an established concept and more and more companies integrate this method into their communication strategy. 

Why is rotation curation good?

  • Credibility - Allowing real people to share their opinions creates a higher credibility for the handle and it will resonate well with the audience. Letting go of the control in this manner and to be so transparent builds a sense of trust. 
  • New perspectives - New people means new ideas and perspective. No matter how good a single marketer may be - he or she never replace the diversity of the views of many. 
  • Grow faster with Win-Win - for both the brand and for the curators. Every new spokesperson will tell their existing followers and for their network and consequently fuel the handle with lots of new followers. And consequently, when the spokesperson is finished with their curation they often gain new followers to their own accounts. 

Good examples of rotation curation

Jönköping On Instagram 

The swedish city of Jönköping lets a new person share their images of the city every week. An inspiring example of how it can be used in destination marketing.

SJ on Instagram 

The swedish rail company SJ shifts between different employees, giving followers a transparent view of their everyday lives.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-14 kl. 15.29.19

Sweden on Twitter - the account that started it all. A new Swede every week shares their view on current topic. A massive global success.

Three tips to succeed with rotation curation 

  • Have simple guidelines for the curators. They should have as free hands as possible but a few thumb rules and some helpful tips.  
  • Be honest and transparent with how the selection process works. Allow existing curators to recommend future candidates. But, naturally, the first ones you have to choose yourself. 
  • Establish the concept with the PR departement, HR, and the CEO. It's important to have support all the way up in the organization if, or when, a curator may say something that causes debate. 

Good luck from the team at Sparkle