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Gynius exhibiting the SCCA Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Blog post   •   Jul 27, 2016 15:26 CEST

Causing more than 8.2 million deaths annually cancer is one of the top killer diseases of our time. The estimated number of 14 million plus new cases occurring every year is expected to increase by 70% in the next two decades.

Cervical cancer is the most common cause of cancer in Africa where it accounts for 22% of all female cancers and it is recommended by WHO to screen all women aged 30-49 years to identify precancerous lesions.

With the majority of cancer cases and deaths now occurring in low- and middle-income countries Africa is suffering the heavy burden of this serious public health crisis. A large proportion of cancers in Africa is diagnosed at an advanced stage of the disease where curative treatment is no longer an option. This is due to the lack of screening and early detection services, as well as limited awareness of early signs and symptoms of cancer among the public and health care providers.

IMG_6389Fear of Stigma associated with cancer also plays a role in late-stage presentation of the disease in most parts of Africa. Because many African countries lack adequate number of health facilities that can provide specialised treatment and palliative care. Cancer patients are faced with long waiting periods and considerable treatment costs that are beyond their economic means.

With Cervical and Cervical & Breast cancers being the leading causes of cancer related deaths in Africa the burden of the disease in women is much worse. Gender inequalities, weak economic power of women and absence of screening and early diagnoses services contribute to the increasing number of preventable deaths of women.

The overwhelming demand for cancer treatment and care, the fragile public health system in many African nations coupled with the absences of national cancer control plan. Supportive policy, financial frameworks cause serious social and economic crises that call for an immediate and coordinated action to prevent and control cancer in Africa.

Exhibiting at 10th Stop Cervical, Breast & Prostate Cancer in Africa Conference (SCCA) . Gynius is currently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to exhibit at the SCCA Conference. The conference is gathering the African community of Governments, NGOs and health practitioners to share knowledge and discuss the future of cervical, breast and prostate cancer prevention.

We are delighted to see that there is a great interest for the Gynocular, along with our T2D software and the conference is a perfect opportunity for us to learn more about the challenges in the region. We wish to discuss how we can support African countries in their fight against cervical cancer.

You are most welcome to visit our booth at the Exhibition area or send us an email at