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Happy Data Privacy Day!

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 03, 2016 13:17 CET

January 28th is the Data Privacy Day, a date that is currently observed in United States, Canada and 47 European countries. Read more here

  • One might ask if we need a special day for this topic? And the answer is yes, data privacy is one of the most important topics and the importance is just growing in importance with the trends in Big Data where advance analytics reveal privacy issues and with Internet of Things where sensors collect a lot of information that collectively and aggregated reveal great privacy concerns. Analytics and IoT will drive the development for privacy for the years to come and I anticipate that we will soon see regulations, laws and other legal means that will try to master the privacy concerns as we as indivuals can realize the detailed digital trails that exists of our whereabouts in the digital and physical worlds.

    One area I like to see more about from authorities is that compliance and certification programs are put in place for IoT devices where manufactures have to reveal how the data is secured and managed during a life cycle of ownership.

    Per Hägerö

    Business Unit Director