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Blog post   •   Dec 19, 2013 09:56 CET

Secure and reliable communication

These businesses are becoming more and more dependent on making their products connected to the internet and leveraging from the knowledge they have, in combination with their customers to be more innovative when they deliver services and develop new products.This leads to the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution we see ongoing and as more and more companies connect their products to the internet, the more available data will be in place to develop the society in large. For Maingate the machine to machine technology, independent of how it's done, is an enabler for the Internet of Things, a prerequisite actually. We have connected devices for over 15 years. We can proudly say we know how, independent of the technology that transports the bits and bites, and we have a profound understanding of why companies should become connected to their devices, because we are the one supplier who can honestly say that we started it all!

For the past four years Maingate have expanded the portfolio towards the energy sector. Today we connect more than over 55 % off all the smart meters in Sweden, providing the energy companies with your energy consumption data, the basis for your energy invoice.

Maingate has also developed products that can be used to make buildings and houses more energy efficient and also products that supports Utilities in managing their grids in real time, whether it a sub station or a meter point in the grid.

Maingate is today the chosen partner for Utilities in the Nordics and in the UK when establishing new innovative solutions to be launched. During 2013 Maingate have landed a number of strategically important contracts to ensure our position as the #1 supplier of innovative products and solutions within this market space. If Energy is one of our focus areas, M2M communication is another.

Did you know that we connect more than 70% of all the mobile payment terminals and more than 40% of all residential alarms in Sweden.

Thank You for Your trust!

CEO Baard Eilertsen

Photo of Baard Eilertsen