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HiLight by HiNation featured in Technology Exchange Lab (TEL)

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 08, 2012 10:55 CEST

HiLight by HiNation

HiLight by HiNation provides both portable lighting and mobile phone charging. HiLight is rugged and portable. It has flexible textile straps for easy carrying around and hanging. HiLight has an all-in-one construction with a one button design for easy usage. HiLight eliminates the use of kerosene lanterns by providing 20 hours of effective lighting. With the 10-in-1 USB connector included, HiLight can charge virtually all mobile phones on the market.

Key Features of HiLight:
• All-in-one construction
• Portable, compact and lightweight (430g)
• 10-in-1 connectors for different electronic devices (mobile phones, gps, mini radios etc.) included
• 2 level of brightness setting (Low & High)
• Flexible, textile solar strap for easy carrying
• No installation required
• Battery indicator LEDs
• Solar cell charging indicator
• Micro USB input for charging from mains
• USB output for charging of devices

Hours of Light (after 10 hours of charging under the Sun):
• 10 hours with HIGH setting
• 20 hours with LOW setting

Number of mobile phone charges (after 10 hours of charging under the Sun):
• Up to 10 mobile phone charges
• Up to 3 smartphone charges

Special Features of HiLight:
•Temperature Based Protection (TBP) – when temperature inside the HiLight is outside of the optimal range of -5 to 60 oC, the HiLight would cut off the charging/discharging of the battery and display a red warning light. This is to prolong the life span of the battery.
• Hibernation mode – HiLight will enter hibernation mode when the button is held on to more than 10 secs. This would subsequently store the battery to be used in times of emergency.

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In October 2008, HiNation was founded with the sole purpose of providing both portable lighting and charging products of the highest quality. Our first product, HiLight, is a portable solar charger and lamp that provides 20 hours of light or up to 10 mobile phone charges from 10hrs of charging under the sun.

Following field tests to Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania, we have added new functionalities to the current version of HiLight. Apart from the charging and lighting functions, the current version provides additional features such as the Temperature Based Protection (TBP) and Hibernation Mode.

HiLight is sold throughout the world but we are mainly focused in Africa where the main bulk of people who truly needs HiLight lives. HiNation is engaged in the fight against poverty by constantly developing new ways to bring sustainable power and light to people living in rural communities. Read about our various initiatives in giving back to the community at www.hination.com.

Dimensions: Diameter = 19 cm, Thickness = 2.5cm
Weight: 430g
Publicly available: yes
Product price range (USD): Contact supplier for quote
Countries where available: International
Countries where spare parts can be purchased: International
Can be sourced over the Internet: yes
Offered or can be licensed for local manufacture: No