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IoT becomes Internet of knowledge

Blog post   •   May 24, 2012 09:00 CEST

Technical buzz

Today there is a lot of buzz about the Internet of things. It's striking how much of this buzz are technical related. It has gone from discussing RFID, via Zigbee and to today's focus on IPv6.

The discussion should rather be about how 50 billion connected devices will change ordinary people's life and which new market opportunities will appear.
The fact that the buzz about Internet of things is so focused on technical solutions proves that Internet of things is a very immature baby, or is it?


If we manage to get a glance of what's going on in the dark secret hallways of R&D departments at many big electronic companies, we can see that more or less everyone has an "Internet of things"- project going on. It's not until we raise our eyes and start to look at the purpose of having connected devices that we get an idea of what this really means. 50 billion connected devices are 50 billion devices generating some kind of information. Internet of things becomes Internet of knowledge.

The value of service

Take a moment and try to imagine what kind of information that can be generated from 50 billion connected devices. Then, imagine all this information in one huge database. Finally, take one minute to think about how many new services you could create if you had access to this huge database and try to imagine the value of all services created based on the information in that huge data base.
It only takes a few seconds until it boggles.

Now, I guess you can start to understand what Internet of things is about. It's not about using IPv6 or not, it's about changing the daily life of ordinary people.

User-attractive solutions

The day when the media noise has moved from technical focus to user-attractive solutions, that's the day when Internet of things really has taken off and paradoxically, probably also the day we stop talking about Internet of things.

Roger Carlsson, Head of Innovation

Roger Carlsson has been active within the Radio/Telecom segment for approximate 25 years, and since 1998 focusing on M2M business where he has held different technical related positions.