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July 2012 HiLight Story – Chinab Chugh

Blogginlägg   •   Jul 26, 2012 10:27 CEST

I borrowed the HiLight for a weekend trip to Utö, which is situated in the farthest out southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. Since my friends and I have planned to camp there for a night, we felt that the HiLight could come in real handy.

My first impression of HiLight was that it was a very versatile equipment because it can be used in many situations. In the morning, we placed the HiLight on the top of our tent to charge under the Sun. Since the HiLight has a bright orange colour, we found it very easy to locate our tent amongst the numerous tents.

As we were away from “civilization”, we relied a lot on HiLight to charge our mobile devices. Apart from that, it also powered our portable speakers to play music throughout the day. I was particularly impressed with the amount of devices that the HiLight could charge with just a full battery.

During the night, we would turn on the lamp to locate our items. Initially, we wanted to hang it on the top of our tent but we could not find a place to hang it. Even though the HiLight was placed in a corner, it was still bright enough to enable us to see everything inside the tent.

We were very grateful to have the HiLight for our trip and I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are into hiking and outdoor camping.