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Language guide to help tourists seduce Croatian girls released

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 10, 2012 10:05 CEST

Language guide to help tourists seduce Croatian girls released

Croatian Times

Foreign tourists in Croatia in the mood for flirting and learning the local language, can now kill two birds with one stone with the release of the book "Flirting in Croatian - A Vacationer's Guide," writes daily newspaper Jutarnji list.

The flirting manual, which teaches the reader pick-up lines to use on local Croatian girls in the Croatian language, is the brainchild of Laura Lui and Yelena Primorac.

"Pick-up lines we searched for on the internet, and we consulted with famous seducers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United States and beyond. There is a heap of really funny, serious and fun websites for pick-up lines and advice. We found a range of "experts" for seducing, an example is Erik von Markovik who is of Croatian origin, nicknamed "Mystery" who operates in California," said Primorac.

Some of the pick-up lines in the book include: "Tvoje oci su iste boje kao moj Porsche," (Your eyes are the same colour as my Porshe) and for the less adventures "Koliko je sati" (What is the time).

An audio version also comes with the book, which is in fact a language course. The pair also plan to release a book for female tourists who want to seduce a local Croatian man.