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Blogginlägg   •   Mar 07, 2012 15:09 CET

Invacare, the worlds largest manufacturer of technical aids recently changed their logo and colour scheme. When they replaced their old roll-ups they discovered a need for a more wider display but that still could be packed into a handcarried bag. The need for a wider format was because of the sizes of their products. Invacare manufacturer everything from a hospital bed to a electric powered wheelchair. The basic roll-up is often not more than 1 meters wide which makes the display to disapear behind their products.

The solution was Scene FoldUp with its 3 m wide format and fabric display. Wide enough to cover the length of a bed and also because the display is made from fabric it can easy be packed into a bag the size of a roll-up. The display can also be connected to one another for creating a great sized backdrop for the trade fair.

Scene FoldUp – a fast fabric experience