Global Water Partnership

Maybe they need to experience the struggle for water first

Blogginlägg   •   Dec 10, 2009 13:37 CET

It isn't easy making an international treaty when it involves more than 100 countries. The sight can at times be depressing: delegates reading prepared statements that repeat long-known positions. Maybe it is all a game--negotiators posturing while waiting for the big shots to arrive next week to be the heros who unveil an agreement.

In the meantime, we're showing a film here at the Global Water Partnership booth that comes from Mali. What does it show? The daily struggle for water and the real concern for what the impacts of climate change will be on the hydrological cycle. Because everyone knows (right?) that virtually all the impacts of climate change will be experienced through water. If the negotiators, or world leaders for that matter, had to live one day in some of the places shown in the film, a treaty would be signed the next day.

Take a look: It's only 10 minutes. GWP is grateful to the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation for supporting the production. The film will be shown on Monday 14 December at 1330 at the Development & Climate Days film festival here in Copenhagen.