Measuring success in a consultancy firm

Blog post   •   Jun 18, 2013 08:45 CEST

I have had, through-out the history of 3gamma, many reasons to be proud of what we have achieved in our market-place. The results we are producing, together with our clients, obviously are the direct evidence of our successful business. Then again, how do you define success? What are the check-points where you can measure the progress of your true success that will endure in your business?

All ‘schooled’ economists would look at: profitability, growth, overheads etc. The ‘marketing’ people would look at: product, price, place and promotion. All of the above are relevant and measurable, but this will not be enough for enduring success.

As an old scientist, I surprise myself with having ‘soft’ parameters as the ultimate measure of success. When operating a service company, you must first get the basics correct; healthy finances and a positively growing brand. When these two areas are sound, you can directly measure your success by talking to staff and customers. Start with your staff:

  1. Attitude and drive – You feel the energy and drive if people are motivated and engaged. You can almost smell the passion and commitment that transposes into action and work.
  2. Confidence – Do you see capable and confident consultants that know what they can do as individuals and what they can achieve together as an organization? If they have confidence built on success, they will also act courageously. Courage leads to more experience for the organization and the confidence grows.
  3. Openness – Do you have evidence that staff are open to share, work together, seek help and are never too proud to admit that they are wrong?
  4. Joy – the final and most critical parameter. Is there laughter at work? Can people relax and laugh over lunch? Do you see staff hanging around a few extra minutes to talk?

The above parameters are so easy to measure. Just walk the floors and sit next to your consultants; talk to them, listen and participate and you will know.

Acquiring the customer’s perspective is equally important but sometimes less straight forward. I’m not a big fan of customer surveys or over-engineered customer satisfaction processes. Do make sure you talk to your customers; many times they will volunteer much more information than you expected. However, one of the greatest measures of a happy customer will be when your customer engages with you outside the customer-supplier relationship. This is a true sign of trust and a business relationship that has gone beyond the original task.

In the last few weeks, 3gamma has had the opportunity in running two seminars to share experiences on managing a multisourced IT environment. In Gothenburg, Göran Rosenlund from IKEA joined us and in Stockholm, Stefan Johansson from AstraZeneca participated. I can think of no greater honor for 3gamma, than to share the stage with representatives from among our clients. I would say that this is a true measure of our success.

Thanks must go to Göran Rosenlund and Stefan Johansson for joining us in our mission to improve IT, delivering to the needs and expectations of business everywhere. As always, a huge thank you to all my colleagues at 3gamma for your attitude, confidence, openness and joy!

Peter Wahlgren

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