Balettgala 2019

MÖT ALISHA BRACH - en av solisterna i Balettgala 2019

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 29, 2019 11:08 CEST

Hii Alisha, tell us about your background.

– I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I first began dancing. My mother danced when she was young and in college and so decided to enroll me in lessons. Dancing grew into a serious passion of mine, and I attended summer programs at School of American Ballet in NYC, and at Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle. At 15 I moved to San Francisco to study at the San Francisco Ballet School year around on partial scholarship. I attended university for one year at Fordham College Lincoln Center, whilst simultaneously finishing my dance education at the JKO School for American Ballet Theatre.

What made you become a dancer?

– In a practical sense, the support of my mother and family facilitated my dancing career. It is difficult to obtain a professional career in the states because schools do not always feed into companies. There are no state-supported opera houses like there are in Europe. I have always loved to dance, it just took some time to actually become a good dancer. Each day, I chose to dance because I want to be better; it's a language that I express myself through.

Where do you work now and with what?

– I currently work in Copenhagen at Det Kongelige Teater, under the direction of Nikolaj Hübbe.

To dance with the Royal Danish Ballet means keeping the unique and very special Danish Bournonville tradition and technique alive. Photo private.

What's your goal as a dancer and artist?

– My goals are always changing and growing with me. My artistry and technique are more in sync at this stage in my career, so I am constantly looking to explore roles that challenge me. There is more time pressure now to become the best dancer I can be and to dance the roles I envision for myself.

What's your dream in life?

– To always work towards making my dreams a reality! To go out there and achieve them.

Your best moment as a dancer?

– So far, one of my highlights as a dancer was working with Wayne McGregor and Antoine Vereecken on AfteRite a ballet co-produced with American Ballet Theatre. It was such a physical work, of abstract and off-balance movement. Truly a gratifying experience to perform it.

Reveal something personal or unknown about you?

– I love to travel and experience other cultures through their cuisine. Last fall I went to Morocco, and the highlight of the trip was meeting these amazing people on the beach who were grilling fresh sardines, who invited me to talk and eat with them. The fish was so delicious and caught just that morning!

What makes you feel good?

– Being with my family always makes me feel good, and spending time with dear friends.

Photo: Mathias Broe

How do you look upon the future for classical ballet vs. modern dance?

– I think it's most important what we do tomorrow, so to always focus forward. Dance is a living art form, so creation is essential. But at the same time, it is important to uphold our traditions in classical dance and honor the art form by working diligently and thoughtfully.

Great answer. thank you, Alisha! We are looking forward to see you perform at the gala in Kungsbacka. 

Most welcome everyone!