Balettgala 2019


Blogginlägg   •   Maj 15, 2019 07:08 CEST

HELLO HARUKA, TELL us about your background!
– I come from Japan and started ballet when I was fice. I studied in Japan and in America. My first professional company was in Japan. I later joined Dortmund Ballet in Germany.

Foto: Serghei Gherciu

WHY DID YOU became a dancer?
– I couldn't picture myself not dancing, so I became a dancer. There was no other options.

WHAT IS YOUR goal as an artist?
– I want to do my best everyday to become a better dancer because behind all the work I do there are so many people's support and love. Doing my best is one thing I can do to appreciate all that.

Foto: Fredrik Gille

WHAT DO YOU dream of?
– My dream is to dance for my family in Japan with the company.

WHAT IS YOUR greatest moment as a dancer?
– There are so many great moments everyday living as a dancer. Every time I meet inspiring dancers, choreographers, teachers, I always discover 'new me', this is one of the greatest moments as a dancer.

WHAT DO YOU like to do when you’re not dancing?
– My hobby or my favourite things to do in my spare time is to draw or do origami. It is also a nice way to meditate for me.

WHAT MAKES YOU feel good?
– Good friendship makes me happy.

Foto: Hans Nilsson

WHAT DO YOU want to develop?
– My communication skills.

DO YOU BELIEVE that the classical ballet has a future?
– Classical ballet is a living art I believe. It is interesting because we actually need to work, sweat, think and learn to make the performances happen. It is beautiful and impressive how much we can express with our bodies and with music, without saying things and this hasn't changed for years.

THANK YOU, HARUKA and welcome to Kungsbacka Teater. Looking forward to seeing you on stage the 19th of June.

Dansfoto: Serghei Gherciu, Fredrik Gille, Hans Nilsson

Vill du se ett smakprov på Harukas dans? Njut av när hon dansar en variation ur baletten Sylvia: