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"Natural Self-Promoters" vad kännetecknar dem?

Blog post   •   Dec 12, 2013 08:41 CET

Natural Self-Promoters

What do Conan O’ Brian, Queen Latifah, Howard Schultz and Richard Branson have in common? They have all ‘worked hard and done a good job,’ but they have done more than just work hard to achieve success. Not one of the above has shied away from self-promotion. Research by Behavioural Sciences and Research Press has shown that people who are comfortable with promoting themselves are more likely to land a job from an interview and go on to build stronger networks.

Self-Promotion to some may feel like a dirty word, to others it just feels awkward. Many of us were taught not to brag, that arrogance is a bad thing and that if we keep our head down and work hard then our efforts will be noticed. However, self-promotion is none of the above and, like it or not, is part of managing your career successfully. Those who do it well enjoy income levels as high as or higher than the most capable and proficient members of their profession.

So what we can do about promoting ourselves better? 

George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson have described three common behaviours of natural self-promoters in the book “Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance”. They are the elementary tricks of the self-promotion trade – the things self–promoters do naturally while others stay or wait on the side-lines.

  • Positioning – To get ahead in life, you have to be in the right place at the right time. This is an old truism; however, positioning is how natural self-promoters get there. Fully utilize your existing contacts, networks, social systems and remain on the lookout for ways to develop new ones.
  • Style – Natural self-promoters know they are not the only people trying to achieve within their industry. Stop getting noticed and start getting remembered. Set yourself apart from the crowd.
  • Consistency – To natural self-promoters, staying in the spotlight is not an impulse or a grim necessity. It is a way of life. Most would never consider deferring this privilege to the momentary whims, moods and opinion of others. Self-promotion is an important aspect of modern career management. Natural self-promoters know it and constantly practice it. So should you.  

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