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Norway and Smart metering

Blog post   •   Mar 22, 2012 09:00 CET

Implement or wait and learn?

After many years of active discussions and evaluation, the biggest Utility company in Norway, Hafslund, has started their process of implementing smart meters. We also see that the early adopters in small to medium sized utilities are starting to move, but most of them still have a "wait and learn" attitude.

The regulation leaves some questions to be answered in regards to communication paths, gateway solutions and the network. Maybe the biggest Utility will show the way on how to understand the regulatory demands? Or is it the smaller ones? In a short while, we will know!

Consider the second wave

Based on our experience in Sweden, Maingate foresee that first phase of the development will be focusing on the AMR roll out, while as more advanced end customer services or M2H (machine to human) type of services will come in the second phase. Experience from Sweden also shows that it is important to consider the second wave already when deciding the solutions for the first phase.

What kind of services do you want to provide to your customers once you have all the energy usage information available?

All of this is great news for Maingate and we are prepared for this exciting development!