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Obamacare - on the web

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 19, 2013 22:21 CET

Obamacare - or the Affordable Healthcare Act - is becoming reality. In front of 2014, when most of the reform package will become effective, the US government has launched the web service This is a highly informative, self-instructive guide to the best insurance options. The idea has been that every state would open up an "insurance exchange", a market place where insurers and insured could meet to make good insurance deals. But as a number of states - with republican majorities - filibuster the introduction of such market places Washington evidently will sidestep the obstructers providing similar information through this national web service. 

Here Americans can locate the insurance options for every state related to their individual needs, such as age, if they already have an insurance, what premium they can accept, are enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid and so on. The outcome of better insurance transparency and competitiveness are highly disputed and described as heaven or hell. Basic market principles suggest a movement towards lower insurance costs - but yet few efforts to get hold of raising US healthcare spend have been successful... 

There will be every reason to follow the progress - or decline - of US healthcare reform in the future. We´ll keep you posted!

Johan Hjertqvist, HCP