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Open Innovation – winning situation when pushing green practices

Blogginlägg   •   Dec 01, 2009 15:33 CET

Origins Natural Resources Inc. is a subsidiary of The Estée Lauder Companies and a brand with a strong environmental ethic embedded in its mission.  After collaborating with integrative health specialist Dr. Andrew Weil, the Origins brand took its “green” commitments to a whole new level. Vice President of Packaging, John Delfausse, for example, headed a project where the partner selection was based on their “want” (this term refers back to the Want-Find-Get-Manage approach by Roche Phamaceuticals) to use renewable energy in packaging production while simultaneously continuing to use high quality paperboard packaging.

Not only did the project require the sourcing of paperboard produced by wind energy, but it also demanded that the material should be folded in a facility run on wind energy too.

Although Origins already had a relationship with a wind powered supplier of printing papers (the New York based Mohawk Paper Mills) they did not have a direct relationship with a potential wind-powered packager that measured up to their criteria, such as Johnson Printing & Packaging. Origins sister company however, The Aveda Corporation, did have a key account with Johnson and in joining forces with Origins, the two companies forged a powerful new relationship that subsequently gave Johnson the opportunity to fully investigate wind energy.

Delivering production and folding by using wind energy required consistent all party collaboration for almost two years. The perseverance has paid off however as today Origins has leveraged its partnerships with Mohawk and Johnson to the extent that its packaging now consists of 50 percent post consumer recycled paperboard and is manufactured, printed and folded using 100 percent renewable energy.

The broader effect of this collaboration is that Johnson now produces all of its packages with renewable energy and is perfectly positioned to serve the growing market of environmentally conscious consumers. Origins was driven by its “want” to been seen to enhance its support of renewable energy methods, which in turn has emphasized its environmentally aware image. By actively collaborating with its supply chain partners, Origins can now continue to put new, environmentally friendly products out to the market whilst staying within its budget.

A step in the right direction, however not until there are no “cradle to grave” leftovers should an organization stop to develop its green practice.