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Blogginlägg   •   Mar 29, 2012 14:43 CEST

A singer and a dancer. That is how I would describe the next participant that I want to present to you. Her nickname therefore came very naturally to us. We call her “Lady Gaga”. In the beginning her musical interest wasn´t very obvious though. It was hidden behind a surface of swear words, anger and ignorance. Hitting people was her normal way of expressing herself. But then something happened. Her true personality was revealed. And she showed us a happy, smiling and cheerful side of herself that love listening and making movements to music. I do believe that she will be on stage one day performing! From being a quite naughty girl she is has turned in to a charming little doll who I just want to hug as soon as I see her.

And she has become very talkactive! Mostly mumbling and not really making herself understood. But sometimes she manages to pronounce understandable words and short sentences. With the progress I know she will make at Play on Wheels I wouldn´t be surprised if she will be able to tell the team a story soon. Or sing a song!