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Personal Integrity and Identities in the Connected World

Blogginlägg   •   Mar 09, 2015 14:18 CET

The Internet of Things, The Internet of Everything, the Connected World or what ever you call it means that your identity will interact with an ever-increasing number of other objects, objects that will store your identity information – information you most likely would like to control and determine who does what with it.

So, what about the personal integrity?

The Integrity Challenge is already upon us. With the rapid emergence of Cloud and IoTsolutions, the amount of personal and sensitive data communicated between individuals, corporations, devices and servers has come to explode beyond all reasonable maneuverability and control.

Whether this continuous flow of data is openly or secretly transferred, whether you are simply unaware or unable to legally or technically protect your data – the main challenge is still the same: there simply aren’t available and efficient solutions to manage data integrity for neither individuals nor corporations in an efficient way in the digital space.

This is; until now. The solution lies where the Integrity Challenge has become anidentity challenge – whether it is your identity or the identity of your actual data in itself we are talking about, creating Dynamic Identities for all types of data – for everything; individuals, corporations, devices, softwares or even the data in itself – is the key to resolving these integrity related issues and challenges without limiting your personal freedom of movement. It sounds complicated but it simply isn’t anymore. Not for us, and by extension; not for you.

The neXus Dynamic Identity Platform is the dedicated and comprehensive solution that will help individuals, enterprises and society as a whole to move forward beyond the current free-for-all-who knows-how-digital society. The most important aspect is naturally that you as an individual can gain control and determine who should be able to access and use your personal data.

With our technology it is as self-evident for you yourself to be able to gain control over your cloud as it is to decide who can enter your home. Your dynamic identity zone is your personal data integrity domain, and with the neXus Dynamic Identity Platform you yourself decide who is invited to your own home in the cloud.

Conversely, those who fail to offer you such self-control and instead, legally or illegally, picket your data will face an extreme integrity crisis themselves. They will no longer be able to thrive upon what is yours as we all reclaim control over our own integrity.

This is why we have created Dynamic Identities – so that you yourself can not only decide over, but also reclaim control over your personal integrity – in the converged physical and digital world of today and tomorrow!

Per Hägerö, CTO neXus Group