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Revolution in the entrance mats & matting services business

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 01, 2011 12:57 CET

Change is coming.

ProQure revolutionizes the traditional entrance mats industry.

Entrance Mats & Matting Service industry in Sweden is in an exciting period. When proQure entered the industry in the autumn of 2009, all eyes were on the company.

In 2009 and 2010, ProQure had a clear business goal to being the innovator in the industry. "What's really exciting is the fact that we have inspired others in our industry! Incredibly enlifting! We have seen that other companies monitor our actions, get inspiration and strive for what we have accomplished. We are extremely glad that our company is the source of positive change," according to Ryan Eriksson, responsible for proQure's Marketing and Sales.

As an example, other businesses in the industry has been inspired by the design of our website and the functionality that we offer customers; the quality of service and high level of communication; easier and a more streamlined order management; and finally, the flexibility, openness and collaborative spirit that proQure conveys to its partners. Revolutionary? Yes - especially for the traditional entrance mats & carpet services industry.

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ProQure offers affordable & environmental friendly entrance mats & matting service of superior quality with customers in the whole of Sweden and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Choose from different entrance mats such as standard textile mats, logo mats, red VIP carpets & scraper mats. We also offer anti-fatigue mats & hallway mats.

ProQure prioritises environmental issues & that is why we focus a lot on our own environmental efforts. Moreover, we hand pick our partners & suppliers taking into account their environmental friendliness.

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