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Smart Cities’ Programme - A Key programme for India healthcare

Blog post   •   Jul 07, 2016 15:31 CEST

This week Gynius have been at the India eHealth Smart Health Care Mission 2016 event together with Careaxes and Icrea/ITON, showing the concept e-Health of the mobile colposcope and the cloud based health record as a great telemedicine / e-Health soultion for every clinical setting.

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There is a focus on on developing more innovative healthcare solution to be included in the 100 Smart Cities’ Programme.

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Rising income levels, growing health care awareness, a changing attitude towards preventive healthcare and increased access to medical insurance are boosting demands for quality healthcare services.

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As a result the Indian healthcare industry is expected to grow to a value of around £200 billions by 2020 with a plethora of opportunities for global players as Gynius, Careaxes and Icrea/ITON.

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It has been a fantastic week with many great meeting on governmental level as well as with doctors discussing Gynius, Careaxes and Icrea/ITON having a significant role in the transformation of healthcare in the India.