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The Exceptional Quality of Zagreb's Tradition - How about a cup of coffee?

Blogginlägg   •   Jul 04, 2012 13:11 CEST

The Exceptional Quality of Zagreb's TraditionHow about a cup of coffee?

An invitation to have a cup of coffee, or the way any of the black potion's variations are enjoyed with friends in one of the myriad of Zagreb's cafés, is a tradition that makes this city, or perhaps Croatia as a whole, truly unique. “How about a cup of coffee?” is an invitation that implies getting together with friends, acquaintances or your dearest ones; it stands for pleasant moments spent in a relaxed conversation facilitated by a cup of coffee.

Tourists descending upon this city are quite often surprised when they see how relaxed the atmosphere is and how eagerly the citizens of Zagreb hog chairs and tables on café terraces in the squares and streets of this city. After the initial bewilderment, they start to embrace the atmosphere, and more often than not they quickly learn to enjoy such pleasant moments themselves. Indeed, coffee is closely connected with Zagreb, and an invitation to have a cup of coffee is possibly the most commonly used phrase among its citizens. Therefore, if you are planning a visit or if you are in Zagreb already, allocate some time for this simplest of pleasures because sipping coffee and leafing through daily magazines and daily newspapers in pleasant company means you are doing things “the Zagreb way”.

This is certainly a prospect not to be missed. In order to make the pleasure even more memorable, we would like to let you in on a secret and take you to a place where you will certainly taste one of the best cups of coffee in the whole world. Matija Hrkać, the barista at Zagreb's Good Food Bar on Teslina Street in the very heart of the city, has recently won the impressive seventh place among the best baristas in the world.

This took place at the World Barista Championship held in mid-June in Vienna, where the best baristas from some 50 countries worldwide gathered to demonstrate their skills. His seventh place is the best position ever won by any Croatian barista. Matija Hrkać is indeed the best barista in Croatia and has been for three consecutive years.

So, whatever you order, an espresso, a cappuccino, a non-alcoholic coffee-based cocktail or any other variation of this tasty drink, you will savour every drop of it in Good Food Bar. At the beginning of autumn Matija Hrkać will launch another quality concept in the city centre entitled Good Coffee Brand. Therefore, enjoy coffee in the true “Zagreb way”.