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The French "Destinations" published a special edition about Croatia

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 08, 2012 10:58 CEST

One of the most popular travel magazines in France, Destinations, by the publishers Milan Presse / Bayard Presse, has recently dedicated its edition to Croatia. “Destination: Croatie”, with a circulation of 100 000 copies, on 116 pages, brings an overview of all Croatian regions, introduces the diversity of the Croatian tourism product and announces a major cultural event to be held in the autumn of this year the Croatian Festival in France (Croatie la voici).

All Croatian regions are presented through numerous topics, accompanied with a series of attractive photographs. Here, one can find articles about the cultural heritage of Dubrovnik, Croatian national parks, Istria and its lifestyle, the trendy city of Zagreb, the islands of Kvarner and at the end it reports on Croatian artists who will participate in the Festival Croatie la voici.

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