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The Gynocular in use at the West Africa AIDS Foundation, (WAAF) in Ghana.

Blog post   •   Oct 15, 2016 08:40 CEST

Here a story from Ghana where the gynocular are being used at the WAAF, please read the story by Dr. Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye - Donton

Cervical Screening and my experience with Gynocular by Gynius AB.

My name is Dr. Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye - Donton and I have been working in Ghana for the past 14 years as clinician at the International Health Care Center, (IHCC) a private clinic located in Accra. 

At the same time I am the CEO of the West Africa AIDS Foundation, (WAAF) a nongovernmental organization that has been working in Ghana for the past 17 years championing Ghanaians to take charge when it comes to HIV and AIDS. 

Working with WAAF and IHCC over the years has exposed me to an experience in the entire HIV Care Cascade, I would never have thought possible. From education, prevention, community outreach, empowerment, referrals through actual clinical management of an array of clients (children, women, pregnant women, men, the aged), I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to help many.

Managing a total of over 600 HIV positive individuals at IHCC, I have continued to find ways to enhance my knowledge on HIV and so I when the Ghana AIDS Commission agreed to sponsor me to the 18th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) in Zimbabwe I was thrilled.

At ICASA I set out to follow lectures that would help me in my HIV clinical and I did same going round the exhibition booths visiting booths that would enhance my services to PLHIV. That was when I first came in touch with the company Gynius! A gynocular had been displayed and

individuals were allowed to have a feel of this equipment whilst a representative gave detailed information about it... I was immediately convinced! I had followed various lectures that had showcased the increased risk of cervical cancer in women who are HIV positive and the recommendations were to have regular screening and seeing so many women at my clinic with no protocol for cervical screening, this became of much interest to me.

Through follow ups with the representative from Gynius I met, I was introduced to Dr. Pepera, an OBGYN specialist and a colposcopist and colposcopy trainer from the UK. Dr. Pepera and myself immediately clicked too and the ball started rolling faster.
I signed on to the Introductory Workshop for Cervical Screening and Colposcopy by Dr Pepera and her team in May 2016 and what an excellent workshop this was. My interest only grew from attending the workshop.

The workshop:
Myself and other participants of the training with Dr. Pepera

A 3 day training that took us through the relevant theory of the health of the cervix as well as enough hands on practice on cervical examination using the very efficient equipment - the portable gynocular. Shared in very small groups, it allowed for sufficient time for each participant to have enough time to practice and the organization of the training, ensuring that there were enough people who willingly allowed for the workshop participants to practice on was excellent.

The gynocular turned out to be an easy equipment to use with good quality images that I believe all of us who participated in the workshop were bound on getting our own. I actually heard other colleagues say they would get one.

The Gynocular
In the meantime, I have gotten my own and I am enjoying it. Currently I have practiced screening my female staff and now we are putting together sensitization activities together both at the facility and community/outreach level educating women on cervical cancer and the need for regular cervical screenings. We will continue to work on getting

more women aware of the risks of cervical cancer, what cervical screening and then specifically colposcopy can do to enhance their health and we thank Gynius for making it possible for doctors like myself to have a colposcope and Dr. Pepera for making it possible for us to be trained in the use of it. We are certainly geared up in contributing towards the fight against Cervical Cancer.

Best regards
Dr. Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye - Donton