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The Zagreb Christmas fairy-tale

Blogginlägg   •   Dec 03, 2012 12:25 CET

 Advent at the Museum of Arts and Crafts

In all cultures and in every home the tradition of celebrating Christmas has its unique aspects, but almost every detail tied to these festivities is heart-warming and joyful. The main features of celebrating Christmas in a warm family atmosphere are presented in the exhibition “Advent at the Museum of Arts and Crafts”, which will be taking place at the museum between December 2nd and January 6th.

The exhibition is dedicated to the tradition of celebrating Christmas in a family atmosphere, which includes many details such as home decorating, Christmas-tree decorating, cake making, card sending, gift giving… All of that is demonstrated from a historic perspective and put in the context of some long forgotten customs, decorations and gifts. Christmas is ubiquitously the merriest of holidays, but whether we want to accept it or not, Christmas-related customs change with time so old memories tend to inspire even greater joy. This exhibition is bound to evoke such feelings among the visitors for whom there are a lot more surprises in store: free guided tours, creative ornament and Christmas card making workshops, sweet workshops where cake making skills will be mastered, occasional musical and gastronomic events, as well as the occasional sale of Christmas gifts.

Although quite appealing in its own right, this exhibition is but a small part of what Zagreb will offer its guests during the Advent time. Let us remind our readers that the Advent in Zagreb programme is getting better, more original and more festive by the year. A warm Yuletide atmosphere can be felt almost every step of the way throughout the city centre and around it.

Every day, the main city square offers impressive musical programmes next to the ice skating rink which is open to everybody. Nearby Zrinjevac Park offers even more – a true Christmas idyll which will again take everyone’s breath away at the sight of the extravagant decorations and the choice of entertainment that no other city offers during Advent. The old Musical Pavilion will provide everybody with an opportunity to warm up to the tunes of waltzes and other dances. Those who are not keen on dancing will find other sources of warmth in the form of Zagreb’s tasty specialties and sweets which will go down even better with a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

The colourful Advent Fair will be organized along the streets in the city centre. It will offer a host of attractive gifts ranging from universally familiar trinkets to some quite unique pieces of artwork. However, the fair’s nature is to be colourful and merry and thus provide that special air of Christmas magic, with a special emphasis on the traditions of Zagreb and Croatia.

Other locations around Zagreb will offer different, but equally interesting propositions. Somewhat quirkier fairs and events at the British Square will include: Vintage – Second Hand, ski equipment and the presentation of skiing resorts, Specs Fair, Croatian Designers, Book Fair, Festival of Brandies, wine presentations, an outdoor bookstore, and a cinema in the snow, which will all be accompanied by musical entertainment.

A heated tent in Kvaternik Square will be the venue of what has become the well-known and eagerly expected Winter at Kvatrić event. It will comprise special musical programmes and food extravaganzas featuring the Croatian regions best known for their culinary delights. Those who are familiar with Slavonian traditions will particularly appreciate the Slavonian Advent in Zagreb which will be organized in Doctor Franjo Tuđman Square.

Moreover, the Advent in Zagreb programme offers a number of other events which will take place in Zagreb’s hotels, churches and concert halls. However, the street atmosphere, fragrances, tastes and friendly atmosphere are the things that will delight Zagreb’s visitors and stay in their memory for a long time.