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“There’s a party in my head”

Blog post   •   Nov 10, 2011 09:00 CET

Rapid change

Maingate and Wyless have during the past 18 months been having talks of how the world off M2M is changing and how we, on each side, contribute to the rapid changes we see in the market.

We have chosen to take different paths strategically but since we have had such a close relation throughout the 18 Months we have been able to complete each other in a way that we now can say that we are ready to jointly conquer the marketplace of M2M.

New platform

Wyless with it's managed services of connectivity reaching out to 120 countries and continuously growing the number of operators in their platform and Maingate with it's End-to-End capabilities and vertical solutions, has now entered into a strategic cooperation that will define a whole new platform within the M2M business. Jointly we have already made customer agreements and started to deliver our services and more will come.

Feel safe

Together we span over the whole world and with a seamless integration of our platforms we are able to reach out to any enterprise that sees the value of having the two most advanced M2M service providers as their supplier.

Like Dan McDuffie said; "Our customers must feel safe when we put together close to 30 years experience into delivering our joint M2M services and the value it will bring is beyond what any supplier can do today."

We will see more and more joint customer cases coming up from the cooperation and I feel that the party in my head has just started!

With Best Regards, Baard Eilertsen