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Thule Adventure Team - Second on the prolouge

Blogginlägg   •   Sep 03, 2010 15:12 CEST

We finished second in todays prolouge about 40 seconds after Toread Adventure (the team that won the Baise and Le Grand Raid). Still feels good that we did not win, given that we won both Baise and Le Grand Raid prologue and then they passed us. Now we hope the other way around :)

We have 1minut back to today's surprise Kolumbs from China, then 1min further to the former Nike (now Vail), then Orion Health is just behind in fifth place. It was incredibly fast on the first races, though we had both a lifejacket and trail shoes we ran with an average of 3:15min/km first two kilometers according to the GPS, still ran a couple of teams off with a 15 sec, average was 3:20 when the last kilmeter, consisted of some stairs both up and down. Then we lost some time when we would wear Elina in something like an imperial chair.
But we did enough in both cycling and rafting then. 40 sec will be tough to catch up on such a strong team, but our strongest areas kayaking and mountain bike, hopes we will do difference...

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