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Tidstjuvar för säljande personal

Blog post   •   Dec 11, 2013 12:08 CET


Time is money, an ancient proverb we have all heard before, but if you are a salesperson, time is an opportunity to make a lot of money and is never on your side. Below we have listed the top 5 tips to avoid time wasting. How many of these classic day-killers are eating up your time and reducing your commission?

 1) Too many emergencies

Many salespeople complain that they find themselves distracted or interrupted during the day by 'emergencies'. While emergencies do occur, spending your entire day jumping from pillar to post suggests an inability to set clear priorities. If every call you receive is equally 'important' then it means you have no game plan. Some issues are truly urgent, other are not. Learn to be proactive, not reactive.

2) Too long on the phone

There are two scenarios: Clients who love a chit chat that have nothing to do with business and prospects who continue to talk after setting the time, date and place for a face to face meeting. All this chatting is taking up your time and costing you money. Building rapport is critical in relationship building but define a barrier, stick to it and defend it. "I'll let you get on" or " We could go on all day" can end a call positively with an existing client. With a new prospect, keep in mind that the longer you keep talking once you have established that first appointment, the bigger the risk of losing that meeting.

 3) Bad location management/planning

Your face to face meeting is set and ready to go. You have a professional obligation to try and set other appointments within the same town, city or area. Why waste your time driving around when you could be using that opportunity to see another prospective or existing client close by.

 4) Monitor Your Time

To help you manage your own selling time, you must understand your own prospecting and selling ratios with a goal of constantly improving them. For example, if you make 25 calls a day to book your first appointment, and if possible, with little effort, you can improve your calling skill to reduce that number of calls to just 10 before you land that first meeting then you have just won an extra hour that can be put back into your selling!

 5) Cheating yourself

Remember that report which took you nearly two hours to put together? You know, the one that could have been finished in half an hour? How about all that research you did on that company and then never picked up the phone? You weren't cheating anyone but yourself. That time could have been spent meeting clients, setting up new prospects or closing deals! 'Minute by minute' can very quickly turn into 'day by day'. Always ask yourself, is this the right time to be doing this task and never forget you can't make up for lost time!

Ultimately companies can no longer afford to pay for your salary if you’re not hitting and exceeding your targets. If you feel that time is always against you then we hope these tips can help you get back on track. Check out our SPQ*Gold package for more information about how you can maximise your sales team performance.