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TOGAF breaking news, the good and the bad

Blogginlägg   •   Nov 30, 2016 08:16 CET

Adrian Grigoriu" Jan 27

The Open Group Takes a New Step with "the first meeting of a TOGAF User Group... offering nonmembers a real opportunity, not necessarily to decide what goes into the standard, but certainly a greater degree of influence".

I would like to think that this comes as a response to my "What can we do to make EA standards work for us?" but does it?

TOGAF as such, is being opened now not only to the diminutive Open Group (OG) architecture team but to a User Group of non-members:

“So this really ends up getting a broader community around TOGAF, and not just those members of the Architecture Forum which is our particular forum that advances the TOGAF standard. It’s really to engage the wider community, both those who are certified and those who aren’t certified, as a way of learning how to make better and more effective use of TOGAF... What users of TOGAF are looking for is how to better use it in their day jobs. How can they make it effective? How can they learn from what others have done, both good and bad, the things to try and the things not to try or more the things that worked and things that didn’t work?"

Read on here.