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Training and Support Manager provides some tips and tricks

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 04, 2015 16:25 CET


What is your role at Verismo Systems? 

I am responsible for the training and support of our customers as well as internal system testing and deviation reports.

What is the most important thing when you are holding a training session? 

Preparation is key. Finding out what the customer really needs enables me to tailor a presentation and training session that suits their particular company and meets their needs. It is not only better for the customer, but also for me as the Trainer as it is important to be confident in your role.

Can you give the users a tip of a useful feature? 

Absolutely! Did you know that there is a built-in translation tool in Verismo HR? In many of the textboxes a little globe is displayed when the user, usually the Administrator, writes a text. Click on it to display the available languages and the opportunity to immediately translate the text you just wrote. Practical, simple and clever!

What is your favourite part of Verismo HR? 

Difficult question. In my role the ability to deal with many of the configurations directly in the system is very handy, rather than the system developers having to change the code itself. From a user’s point of view I like the absence module. I know the amount of work that lies behind it and still it is very easy for the employee to use when dealing with absence applications and viewing their holidays.