Project Playground


Blogginlägg   •   Feb 25, 2013 11:42 CET

90 days of extreme happiness and it is with tears in my eyes I leave Langa for this time.

There is no word to describe these months! I’ve had a fantastic time here at Project Playground. It’s been an incredible experience. Three months of extreme happiness, laughter, tears and love.

I wish everyone could see and experience the love that you find here at PPG. It’s so much more and warmer feelings than in Sweden. You seem to care for each other in a different way, you see all the children and you seem to treat the students as if they were your own children.

I came here to help with soccer practice, boys between 8-10 years. Along the way I have helped with everything from being the substitute in art class, making small movies, interviewing the children and measuring out the curtain dimensions.

The funny thing is that I am not a soccer player and certainly no art-teacher, I have never put together movies or interviewed children in English. But I have realized that there is a first time for everything!

I have learned so much. You don’t have to be an extremely qualified person to help – you can always help by giving your time. It is with small means you can help and actually make a difference. I have given a bit of my time to Project Playground, time to help and time to spend with the kids, a time that I will never ever regret. The children and teachers have given me inspiration and lots of love back.

It is amazing that Frida & Sofia have been able to start this project. It’s incredible that they have come this far, having over 250 participants and a staff of 25 persons after only two years and to see the development each and every one has made, some more than others. It has probably not been easy to start up an organization like this, I can imagine all the difficulties they encountered. But if you look at the children at Project Playground today, you can see that the effort was all worth it.

If you have good ideas, good people around you, lots of love and is always seeing opportunities – then you can go far. Frida & Sofia had a wish to help and they actually DID it. Frida and Sofia,

- Ni är guld värda! You are amazing!

Thanks to all the staff! Who give love, joy and hope to the children here.

PPG has probably succeeded thanks to such a great staff, your love is incredible! A special thanks to Frida, Ray, Malunga, Ruru & Mapanya, who has helped me with everything I’ve done, for being there to answer all my stupid questions.

When I’ve talked to the kids, they have told me that Project Playground is their second home. You can see that they feel at home here and they would surely like to spend even their weekends here too!

So, keep up the good work and keep taking care of each other!

Project Playground is an organization that will go far and I wish you all the best in the future!

& don’t forget, it’s not goodbye, it’s until we meet again!

Caroline Eriksson, Norrtälje, Sweden