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Blogginlägg   •   Mar 19, 2012 14:09 CET

Today we had the privileged of welcoming a special Swedish guest to the center. His name is Per Fransson and he is a Professor in Psychology at Umeå University. Being in Cape Town for holidays he was kind enough to take time and come to the center to facilitate a workshop for us. For the very first time all staff members of Project Playground, which since one month and four days ago also includes Play on Wheels, were gathered in the same room at the same time. It is quite a crowd!

It was a very interesting session about stress factors for children and ”Maskrosbarn” – children who survive and cope well as adults despite the presence of many stressing elements during their childhood. Topics that is highly associated and applicable on the children that are enrolled in Project Playground and Play on Wheels. No wonder the staff became incredibly engaged and enthusiastic. The discussions and comments never wanted to end. In their role as staff members of Project Playground I believe that the central take- home message from today´s workshop is to understand – and always remember – that they are one of the most important supportive persons – and perhaps THE most important supporter – in the children´s lives. By being as inspirational, caring, attentive and empowering as they already are, they will all have a great positive impact on the future of the kids who participate in Project Playground/Play on Wheels. As I have said before, this crew consists of a group of heroes.

Later today the Play on Wheel staff and two of the Play on Wheels participants went to a talent show for physically disabled people. It was surprisingly entertaining and the room was filled with a wonderful vibe. The contestants danced, sang and read poems. And after a while we all danced and sang to the music! I think our participants enjoyed it as much as the staff did. The working week couldn´t have ended any better. I hope the music and dancing inspired our participants to continue dancing also during the weekend!

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