Visa dina känslor, the Latin way!

Blogginlägg   •   Sep 16, 2010 23:13 CEST

Hello Latin Lovers!. There is something about the Latin way, and I think and it´s that we show more our feelings spontaneously even in public. And I think it´s good!. Well, in most cases  …(it can be too much too).

Well, why not to show your feelings to  people the Latin way ?. If that so, life will be much less complicated. Look at the  CHCI awards (Hispanic Caucus Institute Congress) held at the Washington Convention Center.  Feelings was for sure in the air!. The main protagonists of the gala in support of the Hispanic community were Barack Obama, who was accompanied by his wife Michelle, and one of the most important public Latinas: Eva Longoria, who came with her husband, Tony Parker, and was one of major awardees.

Longoria received the Medal of Excellence for Leadership and Community Service. During the evening in which there were moments of joy, excitement and even passion,  Obama showed his love for Michelle in public and therefore kissed his wife, in the picture, nice!. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker also showed their feelings merged in a kiss. The basketball player in the NBA was very proud of the prize won by his wife, who has worked hard to promote a positive image of Latinos in the United States. You see, kisses everywhere!.

And me a Latina living in Sweden…What shall I do?. I guess all is about common sense!

Dare to show your feelings the Latin way and Feelgood

And you, do you dare to show your feelings the Latin way?.

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