UNESCO Creative City Östersund

Voices from the tenth annual meeting of UNESCO Creative Cities Network, 2016 in Östersund

Blog post   •   Sep 21, 2016 09:41 CEST

“A very well organized conference and it must have been a challenge, as meetings and activities took place in several places. I appreciated the mix of good meetings, discussions, experiences, good food and great music. It is also very beautiful here. I 'm writing a book and feel that Östersund would be the perfect place to finish writing the book!”

Olha Mukha, Lviv, Ukraine – Creative City of Literature

”It has been a very important and good meeting. The panel discussions have been rewarding, among other things vi have highlighted the issue of the city and land in a good way. The feeling I take with me from Östersund is a beautiful landscape, generosity, good organization and all the good food and cultural experiences."

Vittorio Salmoni, Fabranio,Italy – Creative City of Crafts & Folk Art

"I liked both the organization of the conference and the program, everything was well done. I also appreciated that there was freedom to do different activities and the food was very good. I felt that there was a commitment from the entire city and that felt really good."

Matthias Rauch, Mannheim, Germany – Creative City of Music

"My greatest memory from the meeting in Östersund is the evening tour thru the city on Thursday night. We experienced local food and music and it was a great opportunity to spend time with colleagues and the people from Östersund."

John Kenyon, Iowa, USA – Creative City of Literature