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We are off to Spain tomorrow - Adventure Race World Championship

Blogginlägg   •   Sep 28, 2010 12:00 CEST

On Thursday it's off to Spain, Bimbache Extreme is this year's host for the inofficial Adventure Race World Championship. 50 mixed teams of 4 members each from 30 countries participating.

Unlike the other races we've run this year so this is partly longer (700km), and then without any obligatory stop, that is running on both days and nights. What we do not really prefer, not because we are bad at it but because we are good enough to put us in the top of the stage races.
Who would not prefer to sleep in hotels compared to being out with headlamps at night without sleeping a wink on several days and nights.
Unfortunately not too many teams get in to the finish line in these NON-stop races, perhaps only 20-40% of the teams. We views first and mainly on a place at the podium.

ARWC is this year then 700km long and contains, mountainbike cycle, trekking, canoeing in rivers and lakes, rafting, inline skating and spectacular sections of rope.

In Thule Adventure Team is included apart from captain Martin Flinta, this time:

  • Petri Forsman, AR Worldchampion 2001, 2nd place 2006. Junior Orienteering World Champion, for a very long time ago. 1st open Swedish Championship in multisport 2008, with Janne Monanen
  • Janne Monanen,  1st  Bimache extreme 2009, 1st 7-cerros Medelin 2008. 1st place open Swedish Championship 2008, with Petri Forsman
  • Outi Seppa,  1st Bimbache Extreme 2009

Link to the competition:

Now it's just to pack properly, luckily we have good stuff for it:  J