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We put end-users in focus - presentation at Swecare’s III Sub-Saharan Africa Day

Blog post   •   Sep 23, 2014 08:00 CEST

Shifo always put end-users in focus. Rustam Nabiev will share Shifo's experience in making end-users feel stronger in the process of improving health service delivery in underserved areas at Swecare’s III Sub-Saharan Africa Day. 

Scaling and sustaining innovative health solutions is key to improving health service delivery in underserved areas. Long-term improvement can only be achieved if processes are improved and end-users are empowered by the efforts. 

Shifo has come to realise three important steps in working with stakeholders when implementing new models and information and support systems for improved health service delivery:

1) Identify all relevant end-users

2) Decide who is the most important end-user in the process (he/she will be the key to all others)

3) Make the end-user feel stronger by identifying the biggest pains and solving their most pressing problems through the interventions that are developed. Empower them with appropriate tools, give them a voice and platform to do their magic.

Read more on exposure about how we identified the main end-user and how we work to empower them, identify change makers and create a virtuous circle of development.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Rustam Nabiev @rustamcitizen and  Karoline Beronius @kberonius