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Why bet on one mobile payment method (eg. NFC)?

Blogginlägg   •   Jun 10, 2013 11:09 CEST

In an updated forecast by Gartner, the company lower the expectations for NFC being an enabling technology for mobile payments.

Mobile payment is not equal to NFC even though when you read about mobile payment and talk to people in the industry, you could get that feeling..

Let NFC be what it is, a pairing method between a mobile and an external source like a POS-terminal, a RFID-tag or another mobile you want to communicate with.

We believe that NFC is a good pairing technology..but that you should be able to use any (NFC, RFID, OTT, QR, barcodes, etc.), like in our technology independent mobile payment solution, that also covers all payment situations (not only purchase using a POS as NFC supports) and that is available on all mobile platforms.