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Zagreb - Restaurant Bon Appetit - A great place to enjoy smart food

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 03, 2012 11:48 CEST

After a year of working on its concept, Zagreb’s Bon Appetit restaurant has recently become the only restaurant in the city which offers so-called smart food menus. These are specialties from the domain of functional food that are necessary for a healthy metabolism and a fast-paced lifestyle. The concept was devised in cooperation with specialists from the fields of gastronomy and biochemistry.

Blue fish with mango sauce, nettle soup, sweet potato spaghetti, spring honey baskets with fresh fruit and flower petals… These tasty, healthy, nutritious and light specialties are part of the latest offer of Zagreb’s restaurant Bon Appetit. The restaurant’s own concept of smart food was devised by head chef and top gastronomist Berislav Lacković, and doctor of biochemistry Donatella Verbanac. Their cooperation has resulted in a new brand of healthy food completely adapted to the modern man’s hectic lifestyle.

More and more people care about their health nowadays and, while traditional meals tend to slow down the metabolism, these specialties provide everything one’s body needs; they are tasty and healthy, they provide enough energy for the day, and they literally revive and heal the metabolism. The ingredients of each meal have been selected based on the principle of smartly combining chemical and nutritional content so that every meal offers people just as much energy as they need. Since some of these ingredients are also used in the production of medicine, we can say that the smart food specialties feed and heal at the same time.

The menus vary depending on the season, and special attention is always paid to the selection of ingredients – from quality meat, fish and other seafood, to healthier fats, salt and seasonings, to entirely neglected ingredients such as amaranth, macadamia and the forgotten spelt wheat.

Apart from the smartly combined ingredients, special attention is also paid to their preparation – the duration of cooking and the proper temperature, in order to preserve all the nutritious components.

Smart food menus contain everything that is necessary for a wholesome meal, including tasty cold and warm starters, main courses and healthy desserts that often feature unusual combinations such as olive oil, Mediterranean herbs, and even petals from biologically grown flowers. To end a perfect meal, several different kinds of functional drinks which combine fresh fruit and vegetables are offered.

The menu has been available since the beginning of April and, according to the restaurant’s owner, it already has numerous fans.

The restaurant is located near the city centre, at Heinzelova Street 62a.