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Zagreb - Visitors chose the biggest city attractions

Blogginlägg   •   Aug 08, 2012 11:13 CEST

Visitors of Zagreb published 50 tourist attractions that should be seen in the Croatian capital, on the American travel website TripAdvisor. 

First on the list are the "lungs of the city" Sljeme, which provide a unique view of the city and a romantic sunset as well as traditional local specialties. It is followed by the Upper Town, which according to visitors, should be experienced before the summer while it is still not crowded, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the church of St. Mark, Mirogoj Cemetery, the Zagreb Cathedral, the Stone Gate, Jarun and the Croatian National Theatre.

"You will not regret visiting Zagreb if only for the view of St. Mark’s church", said one visitor.

There is also a great interest in the Mirogoj Cemetery, which visitors describe as wonderful and recommend it to everyone, especially in the spring because that is when nature and architecture complement each other perfectly.

Along with the breathtaking cathedral, wrote many visitors, the real rhythm of the city can be felt on the main Ban Jelačić Square and the only criticism they had was that the shops did not work on Sundays in the centre of the city.
"Regardless of one’s religious affiliation, the Stone Gate will arouse certain energy in you", wrote one visitor.

Younger visitors were thrilled by the nightlife in Jarun and the incredible Croatian National Theatre, which they proclaimed, together with cinemas Europe and Tuškanac, the traditional buffet "Under the Old Roofs" and the club Aquarius in Jarun, as the best places to visit in Zagreb.

"The cult places to enjoy independent films are Zagreb’s cinemas Europa and Tuškanac. The unique environment and cheap tickets will remind you of the good old days", said one visitor.

Tourists in Zagreb most like to shop on Ban Jelačić Square, the distinctive market Dolac and the unusual flee market Hrelić. Ban Jelačić Square is full of trendy shops that tourists cited as the best place to buy clothes, but most attention was given to Dolac market, which except for being cheap also has a soul. Tourists love to buy local fruits and vegetables there and enjoy the authentic atmosphere.

"Buying clothes and pieces of crockery at Hrelić is a form of social contact, and affects your life more than you think. It's not garbage, but a lifestyle, and if you want shopping with a soul, Hrelić is the place for you", wrote one enthusiastic visitor who was delighted by the legendary trade fair at Hrelić.

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