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The Story About the OXE and Tideman

Blog post   •   May 02, 2016 12:06 CEST

The OXE branded Tideman Boat

Cimco contacted Bruno Tideman, Founder of Tideman Boats, in terms of finding a workboat where the fundamental attributes of the OXE – reliability, strength and endurance – could be used to its full potential.

Tideman Boats is a boat building company based in Netherlands with a total of 25 skilled craftsmen, and has a profound history in building tough workboats. Anyone needing a robust, rigid boat which can handle rough conditions will benefit from using a Tideman.

Benefits from choosing Tideman Workboats:

  • HDPE high speed workboats are indestructible, and they can not sink in case of flooding because the buoyancy compartments are filled with PE balls.
  • For military operations: It has a very low radar signature and can be self-healing when it’s been shot at.
  • Very high impact resistance makes it indestructible when going in shallow rocky waters.

Visit to find out more.

The OXE-Tideman Boat

Tideman Boats built an OXE branded workboat for Cimco. The OXE Diesel outboard brings a reliable and economic propulsion package to Tideman’s indestructible HDPE workboats without compromising any deck space. The complete vessel is now built to last in extremely rough environments.

Benefits from choosing the OXE Diesel Outboard:

  • The OXE features Low Speed Control (LSC) and incorporates an electro-hydraulic clutch that ensures smooth shifting between neutral, forward and reverse.
  • The OXE Diesel consumes 42% less fuel than a comparable modern 200hp 2-stroke outboard.
  • It fulfills the NATO ”single-fuel” directive.

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