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New product – MFM 2000

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 03, 2006 16:04 CET

Combinova now releases an outstanding new magnetic field meter, the MFM 2000.
The new instrument is based on 20 years experience of magnetic field measurements in the low frequency range.

Magnetic Field Meter 2000 is designed to handle dual band magnetic field measurements for all types of TCO certification testing.

Magnetic Field Meter 2000 has a number of unique functions like:

* simultaneous dual band magnetic field measurements.
* real time dual band high resolution spectrum analysis.
* dual band waveform capture for signal analysis.
* dynamic range in band I from 10 nT to 100 μT and in band II from 1 nT to 10 μT.

For further information about this exceptional new instrument please contact:

Hjalmar Bondestam, Managing Director, Combinova Marketing AB, phone: + 46 8 627 93 13,

Åke Amundin , Combinova Marketing AB, phone: +46 8 627 93 14,