Ulrik Rosenvinge-Thürmer

Managing Director, Co-founder

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Founded in New York City in 2011 by a well travelled Scandinavian couple; THEBROWNPAPERBAG.NET is a labour of love. From New York to Paris, Tokyo and Milano the company explores auctions, estate sales and private collections to hand pick luxurious vintage bags, lavish jewelry and beautiful pre-owned accessories.
Ulrik Rosenvinge-Thürmer

THEBROWNPAPERBAG.NET offers an eclectic collection of the finest quality handbags and accessories. Combined with 5 star customer service; the company has become one of Scandinavia's fastest growing online boutiques focusing on timeless luxury.

“We wanted to create a place where everyone could find the right pieces, at the right prices - without having to worry about authenticity or condition. We both have extensive experience working in 5* hotels and with high street fashion, so we knew that creating a business like this could only be done by combining truly fantastic products with a tailored customer experience”.

Managing Director
Ulrik Rosenvinge-Thürmer