Piotr Kundu

CEO, BeeMobile - Försäljning, rekrytering och marknadsföring.


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I started my first small business in 97' and still going strong. During these years I've learned a lot about marketing, sales and recruiting - through a lot of reading and sizable amount of money.

So now I'm combining all of my technical knowledge and expertise, combine with equal amount of business acumen putting that into giving BeeMobile's customers the best service we can - regardless if that includes turning business elsewhere.

I love what I'm doing. BeeMobile and it's employees mean a great deal to me. I'm not the type of CEO, who would change career paths, buy a boat/house or whatever if they won the lottery - I would put all my money into this, because I believe we can change the world still.

Joining BeeMobile can be the proudest thing people can do in their life. You do not want to miss this opportunity and working in a small team of great talent. With us you are the rockstart, in a corporations you're just another headcount and cubical - think about that when your of to work.

Specialties: talent finder, talent cultivator, leadership, general management, marketing, sales, recruiting, development, video expert, home cinema maniac, ex. diver and biker (temporary)