Customersonly Labs AB

Christer Soelberg

CEO - Customersonly Group


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  • +46 8 463 03 01

I am CEO and founder of Customersonly. "We are reinventing marketing together with your customers". Customersonly Group deliver game-changing business models, innovations, co-created customer experiences, in a new digital ecosystem. My specialty is creating innovation by listening to your customers, customer based innovation. I have 15 years experience working with leading International brands eg Toyota, Lexus, Cognizant just to mention a few within a wide range industries. I help corporations implement customer-centric marketing strategies and digitizing their customer experiences.
My goal is to rock and influence the brands I work with by creating break-through innovations that generats real business results and innovative customer value.

Besides my daily counseling I write the blog "The Agency of The Future" researching and discussing the challenges that meet agencies and how the new consumer demands rewrites the book of marketing.