Ana Kristiansson

Founder and creative designer - Design and production


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Behind the brand Sinaia stands Ana-Maria Kristiansson who has a genuine background as a fashion designer. Ana's education is among other from Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York. She has previously worked as a designer for companies like Peak Performance, Salomon, Tenson, Helly Hansen and A-One.
Ana was a member of the Swedish Nationel Pentathlon Team (Shooting, Obstacle course, Obstacle swimming, Hand grenade throwing and Cross country running) from 1998-2003. The competitions were all from Swedish Championships to World Championships and with that a whole lot of travelling all over the world. Thats when the idea for Sinaia started. Ana couldn't find clothes that were both stylish and functional that you can wear down town and also be active in. After the fashion degree studies and 5 years of experience from the activewear industry she was ready to start her own business-2007. Ana is also working as a freelance designer for various companies.