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Arthur Umiastowski

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About UpDate UF

Barely 25 percent of today’s seniors are using internet. That is a number UpDate UF think is way too low. We feel it is not right that such a big group of people stand outside such a big world as internet, a world that in our time the whole society is built on. We wish for grandmother to identify with the subjects her grandchildren converse about at the dinner table.

Therefore UpDate UF offers education, special conformed into the line of go-ahead seniors’ requests, containing the area of information technology. We teach pensioners what world the youth of today are in touch with every day, all the time. We want to please their now arisen knowledge scarcities and for them create a brand new platform for networking and communication. With our former experiences of the target group and our obvious view on the technology we have the possibilities to offer an education of quality at a different level compared to our elder competitors.